• Regional sales manager
  • Post Duties:
    1. Develop market and customer, and achieve sales target in this region.
    2. Achieve brand promotion and value sales through providing customers with value-added services in the region or various publicity activities.
    3. Make analysis, judgment and forecast of the regional market.

    4. Plan and execute the regional marketing activities.

    Job Qualifications:
    1. Associate-degree or above, in the major of animal science, marketing or related majors.
    2. Three years of sales experience in relevant industry.
    3. Good communication competence and skills; technical manager in feed enterprises preferred; candidates with good customer resources in this region preferred.

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  • Engineer
  • Post Duties:

    1. Be responsible for the R&D of waste water treatment system technology in domestic and foreign projects. Propose the improvement and optimization scheme of aerobic biological treatment process based on the R&D results.

    2. Actively communicate with other people in each project and assist in keep the operation of the wast water treatment system stable as per technical requirements to ensure the quality of our products.

    3. Establish the project sewage system and product inspection and quality control plan to ensure the quality of the project products.

    4. Participate in the evaluation and research of technical feasibility in new project, and provide technical proposal for new project construction and later operation.

    5. Develop a complete project QA&QC operation management documentation and system with continuous optimization.

    6. Execute partners’ and project related management requirements, and conduct internal and external communication.

    Job Qualifications:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, in the major of environmental engineering, environmental science, biology, etc.

    2. Fluency in English listening, speaking and writing.

    3. At least 3 years of operation and management experience in wastewater treatment.

    4 Candidates with experience in project and equipment management preferred.

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